Within this ALTERED ICE collection, each capsule is a unique NFT (1/10). Discover, through an exclusive fragment of history, the memories of works of art that have marked the world.


Explore History

Each capsule is made up of two elements:
A cover illustration and a secret manuscript.
The latter contains the memoirs of the historical event in question and will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the time.

Ownership And Rarity

Each capsule is unique and in limited quantity. Identifiable by a serial number, it is yours, and nobody else's once purchased. You are free to resell it to a third party in the future or to keep it warm in your collection.

A Story Inside History

Many enigmas surround the capsules.
What are their origins? Who wrote them?
Some manuscripts contain clues.
Find and decipher them to win exclusive NFTs.