It crossed the centuries, mysterious and elusive, without ever growing old.

The Shadow of a distant time glides across the pages of our history.

And their wars that made the ground shake.

It disseminated, for those who seek the truth, the marks of her passage through Time.

Find the key, and you'll be able to unlock Rose's secret.

And what did it become?

Their answers are hidden within the capsules.

What was it purpose?

Leaving behind a great secret, many questions arise:

But one day, a plague from the underworld broke a fragile balance, and the Shadow disappeared.

Majestic and unfathomable,

It has seen empires rise,

It has seen kings and queens,

Invisible to mortal eyes, it represents the memory of the human species.

What was it?

It has seen ideas germinate and spread, and nations change hands.

And cities built stone by stone.

It has seen men rise to the heavens, and the machines they created replace them.