Humans disappear, but what remains is eternal.




With the NFT revolution, collectibles are no longer limited to the physical world. Thanks to blockchain, they are now certifiable and non-fungible. Explore the vast expanses of our past through our collections, where each NFT embodies a precious “day in human history,” capturing unforgettable moments. Get the rarest ones and take them everywhere with you.


Explore History

Each capsule is made up of two elements:
A cover illustration and a secret manuscript.
The latter contains the memoirs of the historical event in question, allowing you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the time.

Collects Fragments of Time

Each capsule, created in NFT, is unique.
Identified by a serial number, once purchased it's immediately yours, and nobody else's. You're free to resell it to a third party, or keep it safely tucked away in your collection.

Leads an incredible Investigation

Many enigmas surround the fragments.
Where do they come from? Who wrote them?
Some manuscripts contain clues.
Find and decipher them to win exclusive NFTs.



A mysterious Shadow crossed space and time. Present everywhere, it has witnessed all the greatest events in history. Its memories rest within the T/W fragments.


Time Wanderer is the fantastic chronicle of a traveler exploring space and time. Thanks to Ternoa’s “SECRET NFT” technology, each of our NFTs has a scroll at its heart. Each scroll details the adventures of this ‘shadow’ as it travels through history, meeting some of the most influential figures and experiencing some of the most decisive moments that have shaped the world today.

With thrilling action and gripping historical detail, each NFT will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

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Beyond our nfts collection, there's a whole literary universe to discover

A great secret is hidden within the project. A secret that will reveal a literary universe that has been thought of for several years, and that may well surprise you.

Discover our exclusive nfts

Collects exceptional fragments of time

Each of our temporal fragments represents a crystallized memory of human history.

The History

Technology & Science

The Architecture

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Discover our interactive story

Investigate and
find "THE GATE"

Immerse yourself in the fascinating stories of heroes and legends, explore the cultures and civilizations of the past, and lead a thrilling quest. Filled with clues, the manuscripts will guide you to the Secret of the Rose.


The Call of Adventure

In this world, what is more important than realizing a dream? What is more powerful than a human being guided by a vision and making their way towards the fulfillment of their deepest wishes? In my opinion, absolutely nothing.

That’s what this project is all about: “Expressing an idea. Represent possibilities.”

Since the dawn of time, dreams have linked humanity to all that transcends it. Still, above all, when combined with the power of our imagination, they allow any individual to free himself from the limits of his existence. They are our greatest strength, and we must protect them.

Thus, united by a deep literary universe, my dream is to connect free spirits, rebels, and non-conformists. Those who do not bend to the absurd rules imposed on them, but only to those that serve the general interest. Those whose boundless dreams disturb the established order of an elite. Within a society gangrened by conformity, they inexorably trace their own path. The one of their heart. That’s how they inspire future generations.

This is the Wanderer’s way.

– Indigo.

TW is a unique tokenized work of literature, combining the depth of a cultural memory work with the originality of a novel created from scratch. In other words, it’s a compelling encyclopedia with a compelling story. It is a work made for its community, owned by its community, offering value and utility through a collection of time capsules/NFTs, an untold story, and an enigma: The Secret of the Rose.

Collecting these time capsules allows you to travel back in time and discover the most critical moments of history in a unique and immersive way. However, TW offers much more than just an economic experience. There is also a literary dimension and a hidden secret at the story’s heart. By solving the puzzles and analyzing the clues, you will become the master of the plot and discover the true history of the Rose and the Time Capsules, as well as many rewards.

TW is more than just a tokenized work. It’s a compelling literary adventure that allows history and mystery enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a fantasy world and become the heroes of their own stories. Join the TW community to discover what lies behind The Secret of the Rose.

A narrative encyclopedia is a book that combines encyclopedia elements with narrative elements to tell a story. Unlike a traditional encyclopedia that is organized alphabetically or thematically, a narrative encyclopedia is structured around a central story or narrative, and the information and knowledge are presented in a way that supports that story.

The main objective of a narrative encyclopedia is to make information more accessible and engaging by using a narrative approach to convey knowledge. This way, readers learn more interactively and memorably, connecting emotionally to the characters and events presented in the story.

The roadmap is simple. 

Time Wanderer is a narrative project developed on the Ternoa blockchain. Here, no significant and complex technological advances. At first, my only ambition is to succeed in sharing with as many people as possible the literary universe I have imagined while allowing you to wander through history.

If the first step is a success, if you like the story and my universe, I have many other ideas. Ideally, the roadmap will be spread over many years to weave, little by little, the thread that leads to my deepest dream.

In our eyes, TW Time Capsules represent, within the web3, genuine crystallized fragments of the human memory. This idea is dear to us, which is why we have created two categories inspired by crystallized gems to differentiate the level of rarity of our NFTs.

LONELY PURPLE: Lonely Purple NFTs are the rarest and most precious of the brand. As such, we associated them with alexandrite, an equally fantastic stone known as the “Morning Emerald, Evening Ruby.” In some cultures, this purple crystal is said to purify the soul and provide the strength needed to excel and achieve one’s goals.

ALTERED ICE: This category contains NFTs created in multiple copies (1/10 or 100+). We have modified them to add a warp effect. This only affects the cover, as the scroll and the information it contains are the same. Altered Ice was named after Quartz, a sacred mineral found on every continent, which explains its omnipresence in traditions and cultures worldwide. Ancient Greek philosophers, such as Theophrastus, believed that this stone was a variety of ice so cold that it could not thaw. In Japan, the ancients thought it was alive, breathing once every hundred years. Many cultures considered it to be the earthly embodiment of the Divine.

LP/1 (Lonely Purple): Unique NFT (high-end collection).                                                AI/10 (Altered Ice) Altered NFT in 10 editions. (more affordable).                                AI/100 (Altered Ice) Altered NFT in 100 editions. (more affordable).                            AI/250 (Altered Ice) Altered NFT in 250 editions. (more affordable).                          AI/500: (Altered Ice) Altered NFT in 500 editions. (more affordable).                   

Once a capsule is created, its rarity rating will never change.                                        For example, you buy an AI/10 altered capsule. To protect your investment, you have our guarantee that there will never be more than ten editions of this capsule in circulation.  

The first investors will benefit from the rarest capsules of the concept: the LP/1 (at a reduced price) and the AI/10. As the community grows and demand increases, we will increase the supply of new collections by gradually moving to the higher grades (AI100/AI/250/AI500).

Our goal is to thank the early arrivals by offering them our rarest NFTs, then gradually increasing the community to increase the supply of new collections.

An NFT is a virtual object, (music, image, video etc…) with a certificate of ownership proving that it belongs to its owner and nobody else.

This certificate of ownership gives all the information about the object: its creator, how much he sold it, and to whom.

Moreover, only its owner can decrypt or modify it, because this file uses a secret and very secure language. For that, it is recorded on the Internet in a kind of ultra-protected ledger, the blockchain.